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Your keys are kept in a safe. The key holding service allows access to a spare set of keys in case of loss or forgetfulness in addition to allowing for any technical support or cleaning you may wish to arrange during your absence. 

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Today´s holidaymaker has high expectations and they demand a level of quality that easily matches the fabulous hotels stays they have enjoyed in the past. And if you think about it, one of the best bits about a holiday is that very first welcome and then you step inside your accommodation in anticipation of how it´s all laid out, the décor.



Our professional cleaners will attend the property to ensure that everything is perfect before your next guests arrive. We will arrange for your linen and towels to be picked up, laundered and returned so that your next guests are greeted with perfectly made beds and fresh towels.

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We are ready to deal with all general maintenance issues.



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This is a really nice touch that will get every stay in your holiday let off to the best start. What you choose to provide in your welcome hamper really depends on your target market. Think tea, coffee, sugar and a pint of milk in the fridge. Some owners do wine, cheese, grapes etc for their welcome gift.


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Should include all the important details about your property, such as how to use the air conditioning, heating and internet connection for example. You should also let them know what day to put their rubbish out, as well as any security information on locking doors and windows (and possibly skylights too). Make sure you leave a selection of emergency contact details as well, such as for a doctor and dentist. We recommend to always leave a handwritten thank you note on a compliments slip its always a lovely touch from the owners.. Tapas will be your guest first port of call, in case there are any issues during their stay.



1.The guest is liable for any damages to the property and communal areas surrounding the property that have been caused by the tenant, their guests or by third parties.

2. Tapas Rent, and the property owners will under no circumstances be liable for the loss or damage of the tenant's belongings or personal property.

3. It is the responsibility of the tenant to take out adequate travel insurance which covers accidents, third party liability, etc. Neither Tapas Rent nor the property owners will be liable under any circumstances for accidents suffered by the tenant or by their guests


The deposit is to guarantee that the property is returned in good condition. The deposit will be returned within ten working days following departure provided that there are no damages. We will inspect and inventory the property before and after your stay. The guest should cover the cost of any lost items, including bedclothes, towels, keys, remote controls for the garage door or any other door-opening remote controls, cards or passes for access to the car park or swimming pool. The guest may be required to pay an additional fee in the event that an exceptional degree of cleaning is required due to dirty dishes, furniture moved from its original position, rubbish not taken out to the designated receptacles, etc.


Blocked drains or water leaks

We are always on standby!

Tapas Property Management


The total package covering everything from Marketing to bookings and management of the property.

* Checking to see if all the relevant documents are in order.
* Taking the photos of the property and staging.
* Setting up the online booking on 4 sites and managing the sites
* Cleaning service and laundry service
* Pre clean and after checkout clean.
* Meet and greet of the guests
* Setting up and checklist
* Inspection and maintenance service.
* Passing on the passport details to the police.
* Handling guest issues and solving their problems day and night

Tapas Property Management


Yearly Advance Management and Marketing Service ONLY:

* Check the relevant documents are in order.
* Taking photos of the property and staging.
* Owner will deal with the bookings and inform us when the guest arrives and checkout
* Tapas will deal with the cleaning service and laundry service
* Pre clean and after check out clean (paid by guest)
* Meet and greet of guests
* Setting up of checklist done by owner
* Inspection visits
* All call outs cost extra
* Passing on the passport details to the police.
* Handling guest issues and solving their problems day and night

Tapas Property Management


Yearly Advance Management Service ONLY
Owner will deal with all the bookings, setting up of the online marketing, and will only provide us with the check in dates and departure dates of guest.

* Pre clean
* Check out and clean paid by guest
* Laundry service collection and drop off
* Meet and greet of guest
* Inspection visits
* All calls outs extra
* Passing on the passport details to the police.
* Handling guest issues and solving their problems day and night

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