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Off-Plan Properties

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Off-Plan Properties

Off-plan properties have several significant and very important advantages for you.

Best price. Usually sold up to 25% cheaper than finished new build properties.
Best investment. No other property will increase faster in value
Best quality. Brand new and built to the highest quality standards
Best location. Always built in the greatest locations
Best payment terms. You only pay a fraction initially, not the full amount
Best guarantees. 10 year building guarantee
Best appliances. Brand new kitchen appliances, air-condition units
Best choice. Many developers will let you choose colours and designs for kitchens and bathrooms furniture.

Finally, and probably most importantly, where do you get the best overall pleasure and enjoyment?

Let us make a comparison. What makes you feel best when you buy a car.
• When you drive away in your brand new shiny car with that special feel and smell of a new car?
• Or when you drive away in a 15 year old car, pulling a bit to the left when you apply the brake, and with a strange and unpleasant smell from the back seat?

Well, it´s the same with a property.
Brand new. Looks good. Feels good. And you feel good knowing you are the first owner.

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