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Join the jet set with glamorous coastline, luxury apartments, fashionable bars and restaurants, and stylish city life.Located in southern Spain in the region of Andalucia, Malaga province is probably best known for its gorgeous beaches, particularly those along the Costa del Sol (‘Sunshine Coast’). This glamorous strip of coastline is similar to Southern California in climate and scenery, with warm weather throughout the year and a landscape comprising beaches, cliffs, estuaries, bays and dunes. If you fancy a taste of the high life consider relocating to Marbella, playground for the rich and famous; think expensive yachts, fashionable bars and restaurants, luxury apartments, and designer shops.

However, there’s so much more to Malaga than the Costa del Sol. The city of Malaga itself is buzzing with a growing gastronomic scene, edgy urban arts, and a huge number of museums. The birthplace of Picasso, Malaga’s many museums include the Museo Picasso Malaga, which was opened in 2003 after more than 50 years of planning.

Malaga is also fast becoming the food hub of southern Spain, thanks in part to a varied landscape which provides all the conditions needed for virtually every type of produce. Restaurants in the area have access to an abundance of freshly caught seafood and excellent local produce including olive oil, wine, cheese, ham, and a huge array of fresh fruits and vegetables.As with other parts of Spain, there are excellent transport links in the area, including Malaga airport, which provides affordable access to most parts of the world. Public transport in the province is plentiful and great value for money, with air-conditioned buses and trains running regularly. Malaga city also has an excellent cycle network, with affordable bike rental services and miles of bike lanes. The province has lots on offer for families too, with international schools and plenty of leisure and adventure parks to entertain the young (and young at heart!). 


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The Seychelles,Thailand, Australia, Florida, California… Perhaps these countries and places come to mind when you think about your answer to the question, “Where are the best beaches in the world?” But, none of them come close to the number of blue-flag beaches awarded to Spain this year…

Spain can now boast of a grand total of 590 blue-flag beaches, along with 101 marinas and 5 cruise ship ports. Blue-flag beaches are those that conform to high standards of hygiene, sanitary conditions, safety, water quality, accessibility and the provision of lifeguards.

The 2018 awards saw Greece take second place, followed by Turkey, France and Italy, demonstrating Europe’s global dominance when it comes to consistently well-kept, high-quality, fabulous beaches. Furthermore, it highlights Spain’s attraction for holidaymakers, and people owning property in Spain alike, seeking sea, sun and the fine sands its gorgeous beaches have to offer.

But this honor is not just for 2018. Spain has held this crown every year since the award’s inception in 1987 and new beaches, marinas and cruise ship ports are added to the list every year. This year, 11 more blue flags in Spain than in 2017.

Here on the Costa del Sol, 25 beaches and 5 marinas made it on to the 2018 list. Marbella and Estepona lead the way, with both areas boasting 4 blue-flag beaches and 1 blue-flag marina. While Fuengirola, Mijas Costa and Benalmádena all have 3 top-rated locations to be proud of

If you’re looking for your dream Costa del Sol property near one of these blue-flag beaches – or, indeed, inland – Tapas Properties have the perfect solution for each client.

Welcome to Tapas Properties and the World Class beaches of the Costa del Sol


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Robert De Niro To Open Nobu Marbella Hotel & It’ll Be Adults Only

Not only is he an Oscar winner, and a brilliant director who has starred in some of the best movies ever made in Hollywood such as Taxi Driver and Goodfellas, Robert De Niro is also a successful hotelier. Since 2009, he has co-owned the Nobu Hotel chain, which has now expanded to several properties around the world.

De Niro co-founded the brand with chef Nobu Matsuhisa in 1993 and they now own 43 restaurants around the world.

This will be the group’s fifth hotel to date.

The newest location is set to open in March of this year, it will be in Spain’s beautiful southern region of Marbella on the Costa del Sol.

What’s is unique about the new property is that it will be adults only. Reading Nobu Marbella’s website, it describes:

“Our rooms and suites offer a private space for relaxation, comfort and inspiration. The indoor space flows naturally to the outdoor private terrace overlooking the Plaza and the tropical gardens beyond. Comfortable indoor and outdoor seating offers a place to read, relax, and enjoy a drink or a Nobu in-room dining experience.”

The Nobu hotel wouldn’t be without the famous Nobu restaurant led by De Niro’s business partner chef Nobu Matsuhisa. Dying for his iconic Yellowtail with Jalapeño? You got it. If sushi isn’t high up on your list, then Mediterranean cuisine is also available at the Nobu.

Wanna have some fun at night? As guests, you’ll receive private VIP access to club La Suite with a private outdoor terrace. Forget about crashing with crowds in Marbella’s epic club scene, this is only for A-Listers.

If you’re down for serious relaxation, the resort has Six Sense Spa offering hydrotherapy and cold plunge pools with herbal steam room, Hamman and sauna. It goes without saying that a hotel at this caliber comes with a gym and yoga classes.

Thinking about leaving the kids at home for once? Marbella should be on your radar.

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 Golden visa in Spain

Golden Visa Residency and Citizenship In Spain!

A number of European countries offer Golden Visas through investment in real estate. The Golden Visa in Spain, Portugal, Malta, Greece and Cyprus are the most prominent.It is most popular amongst our Indian, Russian and Chinese clients. The minimum required amounts is €500,000 in the Spanish Property Market. This secures the residency for the buyer as well as their family. The Visa is valid when you take possesion of the property and the Title Deeds and the Land Registry Certificate proving your ownership of the property. Our range of properties for over €500,000 could be found here Properties


golden visa spain


Minimum Spanish real estate investment of €500,000 per person
Possession of private Spanish medical insurance
If you will be residing full-time in Spain and have school-age children, you will have to fund their private education
Proof of being able to support family and properties owned in Spain
A clean criminal record

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Moving along the coast from Malaga towards Marbella, the next area after Fuengirola is widely known as Mijas Costa, comprising of several towns.

First stop is La Cala de Mijas, or as the locals simply call it, La Cala.

La Cala is everyone’s dream of a typical Spanish village by the sea. After nearly half a century´s constant invasion by foreigners, La Cala has not lost its Spanish soul one tiny little bit.

Strict planning laws has made it impossible to construct new property developments in La Cala, so the village is exactly the same as always, and thank God for that.

What a lovely place. Narrow little streets with Spanish townhouses with flower pots hanging on the walls, and bougainvillea’s growing wildly, and the children playing in the streets watched over by chatting grannies.

Life does not have to be so complicated. Come to La Cala and turn back your watches 50 years.

La Cala

As there is an ever demanding demand for properties by foreigners who want to have a little slice of this Paradise, the council have now given building permission to several new developments on the other side of the A7 motorway.

New Infrastructure such as improved and widened roads, new roundabouts, lots and lots of (free) parking spaces make sure the area can cope with all the new residents. Very clever and forward thinking, hopefully other municipalities along the coast will watch and learn.

About 10 minutes’ drive inland from La Cala, you will find the best kept secret on the Costa del Sol, “La Cala Golf Resort”.

This is the largest golf resort, not just on the Costa del Sol, but in Spain!

It covers a vast area of manicured golf courses, one of the largest green areas of the whole coast, a natural beauty, lush rolling hills, a delight for golfers and nature lovers alike.

Three 18 hole golf courses, a golf academy and a FIFA approved football pitch for Northern European professional football teams winter training, a Luxury hotel with Spa and an ever busy and very lively golf club with its own bars, restaurants and Pro Shop.

From a property point of view, this is a very interesting area. From the beginning, luxury properties was always a part of the success of La Cala Golf Resort.

Many people enjoy living slightly away from the madding crowd, in unique beautiful natural surroundings, but just under 10 minutes’ drive from the coast.

Luxury 1st line golf villas and ditto apartments, Penthouses and Townhouses are scattered around the three golf courses. Build in a very low density, the properties blend in gently with the surrounding natural beauty, never overwhelming.

New developments are under construction right now.

Highly modern townhouses and apartments with big window spaces allowing for lots of natural light and great views.

We are almost in daily contact with the developers, so please ask us for up-to date information about what is still available and the latest prices, we are more than to inform you.

Next stop is Sitio de Calahonda, or simply Calahonda, as the locals call it.

Costa Del Sol

Calahonda does not date back to the Roman or Moorish era, as many other towns on the coast.

In fact, 30 years ago, all you would find here would be olive and orange groves, and the odd goat herd, trekking along with his herd of goats to his little Finca (Country House) on the hillside.


Well, the goat herd is now enjoying his retirement, after having sold the Finca to property developers, who have made the nearly 6,000 homes, occupying the steep hills of Calahonda.

All the way on top of the hill you will find mostly apartments, half way down the hill you will see a lot of townhouses, and at the bottom of the hill, close to the beach, villas are built with walking distance to the several shopping centres and the beach.


In Calahonda you will find English supermarkets, hairdressers, vets, dentists, lawyers, pubs and restaurants, Sky TV installers, plumbers and builders, news agents and your neighbour is likely to be English, this is an easy place to be a foreigner, and for many first time expats, this is Paradise.

The sunshine, the food, the beaches, the Spanish lifestyle, and all done without linguistic problems in the comfort of speaking English.

What is there not to like!


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Cabopino Port

Within walking distance on the beach from Calahonda, you will find one of the loveliest Marinas on the coast.

Not as Grand as the Marina of Puerto Banús, but with some very nice big Yachts and impressive motor boats to look at, an array of great restaurants, and a laid back atmosphere.

Add to this, a beach immensely popular with families, as the water is very shallow.

You can walk out into the Med for several minutes, and the water will still only reach your bellybutton, so a great place for children to swim and play in the water without any fear from the parents.

A note of caution though, a bit further down the beach towards Marbella, you will find a Nudist beach, which took yours truly a bit by surprise the first time I found myself there after a nice swim along the coast.

Even though I was only wearing trunks, I felt awkwardly overdressed!

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You can write a book about Fuengirola, one of the biggest cities and urban areas on the Costa del Sol, so this can only be some general information, but the official tourist websites offer a wealth of useful information.

With 75,000 inhabitants, it offers thousands of shops, restaurants, and bars, but most importantly, the longest stretch of sea front and beach, with all its bars and restaurants on the Costa del Sol.

Fuengirola offers as much sun, beaches, sea front promenade, marinas, shopping centres, water parks, Tapas Bars, quaint little squares and alleys as its more famous sister town of Marbella further down the coast, but at half the price.

Go to a typical Spanish bar in Fuengirola and enjoy a Café con Leche with a (good) Brandy, and the bill will put a smile on your face, as it will typically be around 3€, no, not each, in total. Same thing for lunch on the beach front.

Have the local speciality “Espeto de Sardina”. Espeto de Sardina

A skewer with fresh sardines, caught pretty much where you sit the same morning, basted with olive oil and lemon juice, prepared over a live fire of old olive wood on the beach, and wash it down with an ice cold glass of the local favourite beer “Victoria”, and you will get plenty of change on a ten € note.

There is so much to do in Fuengirola, that people come back year after year, and still find new things to do and new places to see.

And Fuengirola is linked to the Airport by the local commuter trains, which are new, clean, fast and surprisingly cheap, a few Euros will get you to Fuengirola from the airport 25 km away.

Where the beach front with its many 1st line beach hotels, attracts many foreign visitors, Fuengirola as such, is very Spanish, with many very lively Spanish areas with its own charm and atmosphere.

The Spanish are always very friendly to foreigners, and even though your Spanish may have a lot to be desired, and the Spanish only know a few words in English, they will always treat you like a local and try to speak with you.

So try to venture into the heart of Fuengirola, away from the tourist hot spots, go into a Spanish bar with no other foreigners, and prepare yourself for a great time, you may even pick up a Spanish phrase or two.

And remember, the Costa del Sol is a very safe place to be. You can go anywhere you want, day and night, without worrying about “Is it Safe?”

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Where the mass tourism on the Costa del Sol was born. Close to the airport, magnificent beaches and a vibrant city centre. Unfortunately, not much had changed in this area since the heydays of the sixties, so the area was a bit run down, and some people had start calling it Horrormolinos.

However, the Mayor of Torremolinos, with the financial backing of some big English based investors, has got a lot of confidence in Torremolinos, and has started a drastic redevelopment of Torremolinos.

A part of this, is the plan to make the largest outdoor leisure park on the Costa del Sol, complete with Lagoons, water rides etc and a new Shopping Centre with, hotels, bars, restaurants and private homes.

The future looks very bright for Torremolinos, now that it has got its Mojo back.

The best Waterpark on the coast, is actually in Torremolinos. Great family fun.

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Riviera del Sol

Even more so than its neighbour in Calahonda, this is a “purpose built” tourist resort, with holiday makers coming and going all year round, enjoying a good time on the Costa del Sol.

With close proximity to the famous Miraflores Golf course and complex, great beaches with the new board walk connecting Riviera del Sol to La Cala de Mijas and Calahonda on either side and bars, restaurants, supermarkets, car hire places and play areas for the children, this is a great place to relax in the sun.

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Buyers Agent


We are proud to be known as the Buyers Agent - it's a hallmark of our values. Unlike traditional real estate agents on the Costa del Sol, we don't work for vendors - our only aim is to give buyers the edge.

Regular estate agents on the Costa del Sol have a dual role, helping buyers purchase homes and vendors sell them. These agents have made a commercial promise to vendors to sell their property at the 'best price' possible and have no incentive to negotiate a good deal for you. You wouldn't hire your spouse attorney to represent you in a divorce, would you? Of course not, the conflict of interest is clear; the same applies to the real estate market. The property buying process is stressful enough without worrying about who you can and cannot trust. Your buyer’s agent is your trusted advocate.

We are on your side all the way and you can see this in the way we do business, for instance: 


  • We only show you properties which offer really good value for your money, we never show you overpriced properties in the wrong location.
  • We always try to negotiate the best possible deal for you, in many property purchases, we have saved thousands of pounds for our clients. All our services are free for you.
  • We will drive you up and down the coast in our air conditioned cars at no cost to you.


Legal advice is not cheap, but as a client of Tapas Properties you will receive free initial legal advice. We will arrange a meeting for you, in English, with a Spanish property lawyer, where you can ask all the questions you have about purchasing property in Spain, for instance: 

  • Taxes
  • Spanish wills and inheritance
  • Buying as an individual or in a company structure
  • Spanish mortgages vs UK mortgages
  • Whatever is important for you


  • Getting the right mortgage that suits your circumstances, and not the bank, can save you serious money. If you wish, we will ask an international mortgage advisors to speak to you about which mortgage would be best for you.  
  • Currencies fluctuate, be sure to use a trustworthy currency company to give you the best possible exchange rate. Getting 0,02 Euros more per UK pound may not sound like a lot, but if you buy a property of 300,000€ your savings are 6,000€.


Now that you know how a buyer's agent works, can you afford not to use our free service?


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