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Apart from a slight fall in sales in August and September last year, the Spanish property market has now been improving in a positive and steady rate, month by month, since 2016. The good outlook continues as industry forecasts are also looking bright and sunny for the real estate market in Spain for 2020.

Several significant factors are indicating that the sector will not only continue growing in a buoyant manner but that buyers can feel confident that the year ahead will provide yet another great opportunity to buy property in Spain.

For British investors, the recent Conservative landslide in the December general election has at last provided an end to all the uncertainty created by Brexit. Boris Johnson’s administration has ensured the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland will definitely proceed with leaving the European Union; no matter what views individuals feel about the issue, there were undeniable positives delivered by the result. A relief that the matter is settled at last and the delivery of a strong sterling currency being two major factors. The end of the stalemate has ensured that at the very least UK ex-pats and investors will now be encouraged to once again consider the Spanish property market.

The Brits remain a major player in the list of nationalities purchasing a property in Spain each year, but there are many other international communities that choose to settle here, or other foreign investors looking for a good return on their money.

Anyone interested in purchasing a Spanish home in 2020 can look at several positive financial indicators to help them feel confident about making this exciting step. Spanish mortgage rates are currently around an all-time record low, providing house buyers with favourable loan options offered by money lenders.

Options for purchasing new build properties are expanding once more as the Spanish construction sector continues to recover, and most importantly building licenses are finally being approved by local councils.

Data published by the Bank of Spain in 2019 included predictions of a 9% return from an investment in real estate in Spain. Homeowners looking to earn additional income by renting their property for holiday rentals or on a long term private lease will find a flourishing market that exists in this part of southern Europe, particularly within Spain’s popular coastal resorts.

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Off-Plan Properties

Off-plan properties have several significant and very important advantages for you.

Best price. Usually sold up to 25% cheaper than finished new build properties.
Best investment. No other property will increase faster in value
Best quality. Brand new and built to the highest quality standards
Best location. Always built in the greatest locations
Best payment terms. You only pay a fraction initially, not the full amount
Best guarantees. 10 year building guarantee
Best appliances. Brand new kitchen appliances, air-condition units
Best choice. Many developers will let you choose colours and designs for kitchens and bathrooms furniture.

Finally, and probably most importantly, where do you get the best overall pleasure and enjoyment?

Let us make a comparison. What makes you feel best when you buy a car.
• When you drive away in your brand new shiny car with that special feel and smell of a new car?
• Or when you drive away in a 15 year old car, pulling a bit to the left when you apply the brake, and with a strange and unpleasant smell from the back seat?

Well, it´s the same with a property.
Brand new. Looks good. Feels good. And you feel good knowing you are the first owner.

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Marbella to Gibraltar

After leaving Puerto Banús and Nueva Andalucía, we will head south towards Gibraltar.

Puerto Banús

First stop is San Pedro de Alcantara. A very Spanish town, with thousands of apartments occupied by Spanish families who either work or go to school here, or in nearby Marbella.

San Pedro, as it is called locally, have a lovely church square with many restaurants and tapas bars, and the prices are based on the local Spanish income level, not wealthy northern Europeans or Brits, so very good food and drinks here at very low prices.

San Pedro is separated by the motorway, and the beach side of San Pedro has seen an enormous development in new very sleek and contemporary properties in the last couple of years, so in many ways, an up and coming area.

Many of the people buying properties here like the mix of living in a modern contemporary apartment, but living in a traditional Spanish village.

San Pedro has a fantastic beach and beach front promenade with chirinquitos and quality bars and restaurants.

Right after San Pedro we enter Guadalmina. Guadalmina Baja (the lower part, or beach side) and Guadalmina Alta (the higher part, or mountain side) are two very different areas.

Guadalmina Baja is the favourite of the well-off Spanish families from Madrid and further north in Spain. This is where the “Old Money” resides. Beautiful classic villas with six to eight bedrooms to accommodate the large Spanish families, are situated on big grounds, only a few minutes’ walk from the beach and the prestigious Guadalmina Golf Hotel and Club House.

Villas with a price tag lower than 2 million Euros are hard to find here. The Guadalmina Commercial Centre with supermarkets, fashion boutiques, tapas and coffee bars and restaurants is also nearby.

In Guadalmina Alto there are hardly any villas, but plenty of holiday apartments build to very high standards.

Being very close to Marbella and Puerto Banús but with a more leafy and residential feel, have made Guadalmina Baja and Alto a very popular destination with both the Spanish and the expat community.

Estepona and beyond


One of the biggest towns on the entire coast, Estepona has grown steadily over a long period of time, so has come of age gradually and with style. Originally a little fishing village, then a larger Spanish Pueblo, and now a very confident large town with arguably, one of the most stunning beach front promenade´s and a wide golden sandy beach.

The access to Estepona from Marbella was improved dramatically when the San Pedro tunnel was opened only a couple of years ago, allowing for a smooth an uninterrupted journey in a very short time. This new and easy access meant that tourism increased by a staggering 70% from after the tunnel was finished and opened for traffic.

You can have a wonderful day walking around the old town of Estepona, having lunch in one of the great local restaurants to be found in the narrow winding streets and squares, then have a stroll and a drink on the Paséo Marítimo, and finish off with dinner in the Marina.

Estepona has everything you want, and in the Estepona area you will find some of the best luxury hotels and golf clubs on the entire coast.

Many of the new exciting property developments on the Costa del Sol are situated in the Estepona area, especially in the so-called New Golden Mile, and further down the coast in Manilva, Duquesa, Sabinillas and Casares.

These areas still has plenty of space and land to build on at reasonable prices. This is a place to watch out for, especially if you are looking for a brand new apartment in an off-plan development.

The mix of the old charm of Estepona, or any of the other villages, clean beaches, marinas, world class golf courses and hotels, makes this part of the Costa del Sol the area that offer really great properties in exciting areas close to everything you need as a tourist, or a permanent resident alike.

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