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Tapas Properties

Welcome back to our monthly newsletter from the Costa del Sol

We are getting an incredible number of inquiries at the moment from people who want to come and look at homes but who, rightly, are nervous about whether it is safe in these corona times..






Tapas Properties


The answer is that Malaga has been lucky, and has largely avoided problems.
We wear bandages, but otherwise everything is normal.

We go to the beach, we go to a restaurant, we go to work, we go to school, everything is open, there are planes every day and there is full coverage on the travel insurance.

We have customers every week, so just come if you want.





Tapas Properties


This time we would like to tell about a completely unique and impressive new construction project in Malaga´'s new wealthy residential area “Malaga West”, on the newly laid out beach road where there used to be a boring industrial port.

A bit like we know it from, for example, Birmingham and London where previously sad port areas have undergone a transformation to become the most attractive residential areas.
The beach road is named after Malaga´'s famous city child Antonio Banderas.






The new project is called "Malaga Towers" and has already been named to become Malaga's new landmark.

Prices start from € 750,000 for a large apartment with sea views and two bedrooms.
We are accredited by the client as a broker for this fine construction project and have all the information you could want.

Email for all the information you need.

Tapas Properties

Of course we have lots of other lovely homes on the Costa del Sol. Villas with swimming pool, apartments by the beach, Penthouses with incomparable sea views or brand new project apartments. We have everything you need.

Prices start at € 97,000 for a nice new apartment.

Lots of other interesting information at




Tapas Properies


Contact us

If you want more information, more pictures, floor plans or the current price list with an overview of all the apartments for sale, write to

Lots of interesting information such as "What is the purchase cost in Spain when buying a home" and "Can I have new homes sent directly" at

Or call Karsten at 693 017 322


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