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Apart from a slight fall in sales in August and September last year, the Spanish property market has now been improving in a positive and steady rate, month by month, since 2016. The good outlook continues as industry forecasts are also looking bright and sunny for the real estate market in Spain for 2020.

Several significant factors are indicating that the sector will not only continue growing in a buoyant manner but that buyers can feel confident that the year ahead will provide yet another great opportunity to buy property in Spain.

For British investors, the recent Conservative landslide in the December general election has at last provided an end to all the uncertainty created by Brexit. Boris Johnson’s administration has ensured the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland will definitely proceed with leaving the European Union; no matter what views individuals feel about the issue, there were undeniable positives delivered by the result. A relief that the matter is settled at last and the delivery of a strong sterling currency being two major factors. The end of the stalemate has ensured that at the very least UK ex-pats and investors will now be encouraged to once again consider the Spanish property market.

The Brits remain a major player in the list of nationalities purchasing a property in Spain each year, but there are many other international communities that choose to settle here, or other foreign investors looking for a good return on their money.

Anyone interested in purchasing a Spanish home in 2020 can look at several positive financial indicators to help them feel confident about making this exciting step. Spanish mortgage rates are currently around an all-time record low, providing house buyers with favourable loan options offered by money lenders.

Options for purchasing new build properties are expanding once more as the Spanish construction sector continues to recover, and most importantly building licenses are finally being approved by local councils.

Data published by the Bank of Spain in 2019 included predictions of a 9% return from an investment in real estate in Spain. Homeowners looking to earn additional income by renting their property for holiday rentals or on a long term private lease will find a flourishing market that exists in this part of southern Europe, particularly within Spain’s popular coastal resorts.

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Why buy property on the Costa del Sol

Well, there are a number of very good reasons why the Costa del Sol is, and always have been, the number one choice for people considering buying a property  on the Spanish Costas.

The two most important reasons are the weather and easy access.

Let’s start with the weather.
Because of its location only a few miles away from Africa, this is where you will find the warmest climate in the winter months anywhere in continental Europe.  Another contributing factor is the mountain range just behind the Costa del Sol. It protects the coast from the cold winds coming from the north of Spain, where it can get quite cold in the winter.

Furthermore, the Costa del Sol has an average of 320 days of sun every year.
Compare this to a list recently published in the Telegraph, where the cities in Europe with the least sunshine per year where listed, and it is not flattering for the UK.

Cities with least sunshine per year I Europe

  1. Glasgow
  2. Reykjavik, Iceland
  3. Birmingham
  4. London
  5. Manchester

No wonder over 350,000 Brits own a 2nd home in Spain, and 68% of people asked would love to have one if they could afford it.

Virtually every airport in the UK has daily direct flights all year round to the Costa del Sol at very reasonable prices. The price of a ticket is often cheaper than the taxi ride taking you to the airport.

This is very important, especially for people who want a long weekend or just pop over and back again within a few days. It’s easy, and it is cheap.

Apart from these two important issues, are the fact that the Costa del Sol is a year round destination. Other parts of Spain are more of a summer destination, and lots of restaurants, bars, cafees etc shut down between October and April.

Not so on the Costa del Sol. In the summer months it is predominately families with children on their school holidays enjoying the beaches and life around the pool, but from October to May you have the golf season. With over 75 world class golf courses located on the Costa del Sol, some people have actually started to call it the Costa del Golf!

And who haven’t heard about all the famous places like Marbella, Puerto Banús, Estepona and Benalmádena, just to mention a few, with amazing night life and entertainment.

From a strictly property point of view, you will not find more amazingly beautiful properties anywhere in Spain. New villas right on the beach, or brand new apartments in gated luxury communities with all services at hand, or more traditional town houses or Fincas (country houses) more indland in the traditional white washed villages which are also an important part of the Costa del Sol.

The Costa del Sol also has a very mature property marked, with people having bought properties here for over 50 years. It is a safe place to invest in property.  Prices are increasing year on year at an average rate of 6%, which is a sustainable and steady increase reflecting the popularity of the property market.

And we did not even talk about Malaga, the Cultural destination of the Costa del Sol with its world class museums and buildings. Or Mijas, the 2000 year old Roman village with the donkey taxis, or Cadiz, the oldest city in Europe, 3,300 years old, and don’t forget, on the Costa del Sol you can combine a skiing holiday with a beach holiday. As one of only a handful of places around the world, you can ski in the morning in the Sierra Nevada ski resort and sun bathe in the afternoon on the beaches.

Costa del Sol has something for everyone. Come and see for yourself.

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Half a million properties to have been sold in Spain by the end of 2018

Could 2018 be the busiest year in terms of property sales since 2008?

Official data says Yes!

Following on from recent Notary data, the Spanish National Institute of Statistics has published its own findings with regards to the number of real estate operations and property registrations in September compared to the same month in 2017

Across Spain, the former was up 7.7% interannually in September to 14,377 registered operations.

Of this total, 25,957 operations took place in the region of Andalucía – the home of the Costa del Sol – of which 8,519 were property transactions. According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), this is 15% better than the ninth month last year for the region.

Continuing the trend, 19.9% of the 42,766 total home transactions in Spain in September were carried out across Andalucía’s eight provinces.

Again, following on from INE’s latest reports, the southernmost region enjoyed by far and away the highest number of total monthly sales; the second most numerous being recorded in the Community of Madrid (6,754 sales).

Besides this year-on-year transaction volume data, an interesting statistic highlighted as part of the report is that of year-to-date property sales. The first three quarters of 2018 saw more than 395,000 Spanish residences change hands, with the final trimester expected to carry on in much the same vein.

Indeed, all indications lead to the 12-month figure reaching – and even surpassing – the 500,000 mark, which would represent the largest volume of sales since the height of the property boom 10 years ago.

So, if you are thinking of finally getting that holiday home on the Costa del Sol you have been thinking about for so long, now could be a really good time to do it. Prices are still low compared to before the financial crises, and rising fast, so not only are you getting the place in the sun you always wanted, you are also making a sound investment.

Contact us NOW, and let us help you find your Spanish Dream Home!



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Spanish foreign Minister assures 'Brits' lives in Spain will not be disrupted after Brexit!

SPAIN'S foreign affairs minister Alfonso Dastis was interviewed on the BBC's Andrew Marr show this Sunday, and he confirmed that he wants to make sure British expats in Spain did not have any problems after the UK leaving the EU.

UK citizens living in EU countries such as Spain, are worried about what will happen to them in the event Britain crashes out of the Union without a deal.

"I do hope that there will be a good deal between the UK and the EU," said Spain's foreign minister to Andrew Marr.

"If there is no deal, we will make sure that the everyday lives of ordinary British people who are living in Spain are not disrupted.

"As you know, the relationship between the UK and Spain is a very close one in terms of economic relations and also social exchanges. More than 17 million Brits come to Spain every year, and many of them live here, or retire here, and we want to keep it that way as much as possible."

Brits who want to work in Spain are worried about being at the back of the queue for jobs which employers want to keep for EU citizens, and about problems getting a work permit.

Those receiving a UK State pension are worried that Britain will stop contributing towards their healthcare – at the moment, the British government pays €4,300 a head to Spain, which does not cover costs for those with serious or ongoing medical problems.

Whether Spain would continue to pay the difference if Britain is no longer part of the EU is a concern, although Dastis' words suggest there will be no change.

But Spain is unlikely to be able to afford to replace the €4,300 per pensioner if Britain stop paying.

Whether retired or of working age, Britons in Spain are worried about new rules about having to queue up for residence permits every few years, and the risk of being turned down if their income falls below a certain level.

This means Dastis' comments are music to many expats' ears, since he suggests work permits, residence restrictions and, to a certain extent, healthcare, are not going to be changed.


Many fear a backlash from EU nations if the UK does not give full rights to Europeans living in the UK, but leaders of the EU 27 do not appear to be thinking in those terms.

Their common number one priority – along with the UK settling its pre-existing financial commitments, and a solution being found to the Republic of Ireland-Northern Ireland border – is the rights of citizens caught in the Brexit crossfire, meaning Brits living and either working, studying or living off their UK pension in Europe already have 27 countries on their side, no matter what happens in the outgoing 28th nation.

More Brits live in Spain than any other EU country, and the official figures say they number is 308,805 – although the actual total could be much higher as many may not have signed on the padrón, or council census, and others who have second/holiday homes spend just short of six months in the country, meaning they are not classed as 'residents'.

Of these, only a third are pensioners – 101,045, - according to the UK's Office for National Statistics.


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Best Places to Take the Kids in Benalmádena

Los Patos Park Hotel is an oasis of fun for families and especially young children. But if you can persuade the kids to come out of the pirate ship pool for an afternoon, there are many more thrills to be found around Benalmádena. Here’s a few ideas for a great family day out.

Parque de la Paloma

Take a short walk east of Los Patos Park Hotel and you’ll find an enchanting park the kids will love, just 100 meters from the beachfront. In the Parque de la Paloma, you’ll see free-range ducks, rabbits, and chickens everywhere, plus the occasional turtle, peacock, and butterfly. There’s also an enclosure with donkeys, sheep and goats and a pretty cactus garden.

Enjoy another free and atmospheric walk at Benalmádena Marina where you’ll find lots of restaurants and shops as well as the Sea Life Centre. With over 1,000 boats moored there, you’ll find a myriad of boat tours to choose from, some refreshingly inexpensive. Or, you can just bring a bag of bread to instantly create a feeding frenzy of very large fish along the dock.

Kids love Tivoli World, especially the log flumes and the haunted house, which is scary even for adults! For unlimited fun, buy the Supertivolino wristband so you don’t have to pay separately for popular attractions. Book online for further savings.

Ride the Teleférico cable car 15 minutes to the top of Mount Calamorro and relish the expansive sea view. Arrive in time for one of the birds of prey shows which run twice a day and you'll see demonstrations of vultures, eagles and falcons as they swoop to catch their prey. If your kids loved the parrot show at Los Patos Park Hotel, this trip will also be a winner. Check the Teleférico Cable Car Benalmádena website for the schedule, which changes seasonally. And it’s a suntrap up there; so don’t forget your sun cream!


Tranquil and magical, the Butterfly Park of Benalmádena is a tropical paradise with over 1,500 butterflies (150 species) from Africa, Asia and America. Every day new butterflies are born so it’s a very exciting place to visit and learn about their lifespan and fragile ecosystems. You will all be mesmerised. 

Finish at La Cubana, one of the best beach bars in the area; its fast and friendly service, funky, colourful décor, and superb food makes it a real crowd pleaser. Sit back in a rustic, cozy sofa in the sand and relax. The wraps and salads are great and the fresh juices and mojitos are spectacular.

La Cubana

By the end of the holiday you’ll want to stay forever. We can help with that. Come with us on a tour to find your ideal family holiday home and wake up to this sunshine every school holiday. 

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Benalmadena Costa

One of the most popular tourist resorts, and an all-time favourite for families with children.

In Benalmádena you will find attractions such as Sea Life and Selwo Marina with performing dolphins, penguins and killer whales! 

If you like a leisurely stroll in a big green park with a beautiful lake, peacocks walking about and feeding the goats in their own little enclosure, Paloma Park is a great place to be, and there are several cafe’s if you feel like a cold drink or it is time for ice cream for the kids.

Biggest attraction is the Puerto Marina, with many International awards for its architecture, great choice of restaurants, bars and entertainment.  

If you decide to become an expat and live here permanently, there is everything you need from excellent hospitals, both public and private, and great schools like the British College or Benalmádena International College, to name a few 

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