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Apart from a slight fall in sales in August and September last year, the Spanish property market has now been improving in a positive and steady rate, month by month, since 2016. The good outlook continues as industry forecasts are also looking bright and sunny for the real estate market in Spain for 2020.

Several significant factors are indicating that the sector will not only continue growing in a buoyant manner but that buyers can feel confident that the year ahead will provide yet another great opportunity to buy property in Spain.

For British investors, the recent Conservative landslide in the December general election has at last provided an end to all the uncertainty created by Brexit. Boris Johnson’s administration has ensured the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland will definitely proceed with leaving the European Union; no matter what views individuals feel about the issue, there were undeniable positives delivered by the result. A relief that the matter is settled at last and the delivery of a strong sterling currency being two major factors. The end of the stalemate has ensured that at the very least UK ex-pats and investors will now be encouraged to once again consider the Spanish property market.

The Brits remain a major player in the list of nationalities purchasing a property in Spain each year, but there are many other international communities that choose to settle here, or other foreign investors looking for a good return on their money.

Anyone interested in purchasing a Spanish home in 2020 can look at several positive financial indicators to help them feel confident about making this exciting step. Spanish mortgage rates are currently around an all-time record low, providing house buyers with favourable loan options offered by money lenders.

Options for purchasing new build properties are expanding once more as the Spanish construction sector continues to recover, and most importantly building licenses are finally being approved by local councils.

Data published by the Bank of Spain in 2019 included predictions of a 9% return from an investment in real estate in Spain. Homeowners looking to earn additional income by renting their property for holiday rentals or on a long term private lease will find a flourishing market that exists in this part of southern Europe, particularly within Spain’s popular coastal resorts.

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 This is what our many satisfied clients think of us ! 


Paul & Jennie Birmingham , United Kingdom 

"We first contacted Margaret at Tapas Properties 18 months ago when a friend introduced us. We weren't really looking to buy in Spain. Margaret was very enthusiastic and knowledgable about the area and what we could get for our money. We thought why not, we couldn't even get a one bedroom apartment for that amount of money in the centre of Birmingham.Anyway to cut a long story short we fell in love with Benalmadena and bought our dream apartment with the help of Margaret and have been so happy. This has been our first summer here and its an amazing adventure for the whole family. The kids just love it. So thanks to Margaret for her patience and guidance if it wasnt for her we would never have bought she kept us informed and made the whole process feel seamless. We would be very happy to recommend Margaret and Tapas Properties to anyone thinking of buying in Spain."

J & M , United Kingdom

"We are really impressed with your services and were always updated and informed throught the buying process. You have been a great help to us during our first Spanish purchase. "

Lisbeth & Kent, Denmark

 "Where do you begin when you want to buy a property on the Costa del Sol?

We started by researching the market on the internet to get an indication of prices, locations etc. We quickly found out that Costa del Sol has a very diverse real estate market with many real estate agents, so it was a bit of a jungle we had to navigate in.

We got in touch with a real estate agent via the internet and agreed that we should go to the Costa del Sol to explore some different options. The experience was that we did not become much wiser. In fact we were so disappointed with the servic we had from this agent, that we shelved the idea to buy a home in Spain. The agent did not listen to us at all, or tried to help us in any meaningful way.

Our greatest wish in connection with buying a property overseas is, peace of mind and good advice, and an agent who listens to us and the wishes we had for a home in Spain.

Just over six months later we came into contact with Karsten from Tapas Properties by chance. Here we met a very pleasant property adviser, whom we felt comfortable with immediately. Karsten was very patient, which it certainly also requires when facing first time buyers. We did not feel pressured to buy at any time, and not least we experienced a very high level of service from Karsten. There are a lot of questions when buying a property in Spain for the first time, and our experience with Karsten was that he was our advisor in every possible way, and he answered all our questions. Karsten took us by the hand all the way from paying the deposit until we stood with the keys in our hand.

Karsten and his colleague Margaret have given us invaluable support and advice throughout, and we would at all times recommend them to other potential buyers on the Costa del Sol.

It's all about peace of mind and good advice when you want to buy a property in Spain and you get that from Tapas Properties and Karsten and Margaret. "

Vibeke & Kenneth, Denmark

"We had been dreaming about a holiday home in Spain for a long time, but had difficulties figuring out how the whole process worked, as everything is different than in Denmark. We got in touch with Tapas Properties and they have helped us through the whole buying process, right from property viewings and finding a lawyer and helping us with getting Spanish bank loan to finance the purchase. Now we are the lucky owners of a beautiful house in Benalmádena. We give our warmest recommendations to Tapas Properties. "

Dorte og Jan, Denmark

"Karsten and Margie are two lively and lovely people. We have known them and Tapas Properties for over 5 years now, where they have helped us three times buying and selling property on the Costa del Sol.They have a wealth of local property knowledge, extensive experience and a big network. They are real people persons, they give a very personal service and always have time to listen.Buying property in Spain and in Denmark are two very different things, but Tapas Properties have helped us throughout the process from A - Z  and made us feel at ease. We have actually had a lot of fun along the way, as they both have a great sense of humour! "

Annette and Claus, Copenhagen, Denmark

"In March, 2017, we took an extended weekend to go to Malaga to look at holiday apartments. A friend of ours had recommended that we contact Tapas Properties, as he knew them very well. It turned out to be much more than just good advice. We were shown different areas and the best locations in those areas. Tapas Properties showed us many different apartments which were all very interesting, but with their help and local property expertise we chose a small apartment in Benalmádena in the most beautiful location. However, we had never been able to complete this purchase without Tapas Properties, who helped us from start to finish, including negotiating a fantastic price for the apartment, helping us with all the paperwork, introducing us to a property lawyer who spoke our language, craftsmen to help us renovate the apartment, the language and many other practical things, to make our dream come true. One of the reasons we chose to buy an apartment was because Tapas Properties had shown us the area south of Malaga, because that is really what we fell for. It can be difficult to buy property abroad, but with the help of Tapas Properties who know the area very well, it was no problem and we would always recommend Tapas Properties to others who would like to buy property on the Costa del Sol. A big and warm thanks to Tapas Properties from Annette and Claus. "

M & A , Norway

"We would like to thank you for your cooperation and work during the sale for our dream home. We are very happy and confident as you kept us informed throughout the whole process."



Manzanares Solicitors "We know Tapas Properties and its owners Karsten and Margaret Hammershoy for many, many years, and it is always a positive experience when they are the estate agent working on the side of the property buyers.
In the occasions in which we represented their clients, they have conducted their work with great professionalism, responsibility and ethics, thus gaining an impeccable reputation amongst their profession colleagues.
I would always recommend their services as, for the best of my knowledge, their performance is always reliable and honest."

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Moving along the coast from Malaga towards Marbella, the next area after Fuengirola is widely known as Mijas Costa, comprising of several towns.

First stop is La Cala de Mijas, or as the locals simply call it, La Cala.

La Cala is everyone’s dream of a typical Spanish village by the sea. After nearly half a century´s constant invasion by foreigners, La Cala has not lost its Spanish soul one tiny little bit.

Strict planning laws has made it impossible to construct new property developments in La Cala, so the village is exactly the same as always, and thank God for that.

What a lovely place. Narrow little streets with Spanish townhouses with flower pots hanging on the walls, and bougainvillea’s growing wildly, and the children playing in the streets watched over by chatting grannies.

Life does not have to be so complicated. Come to La Cala and turn back your watches 50 years.

La Cala

As there is an ever demanding demand for properties by foreigners who want to have a little slice of this Paradise, the council have now given building permission to several new developments on the other side of the A7 motorway.

New Infrastructure such as improved and widened roads, new roundabouts, lots and lots of (free) parking spaces make sure the area can cope with all the new residents. Very clever and forward thinking, hopefully other municipalities along the coast will watch and learn.

About 10 minutes’ drive inland from La Cala, you will find the best kept secret on the Costa del Sol, “La Cala Golf Resort”.

This is the largest golf resort, not just on the Costa del Sol, but in Spain!

It covers a vast area of manicured golf courses, one of the largest green areas of the whole coast, a natural beauty, lush rolling hills, a delight for golfers and nature lovers alike.

Three 18 hole golf courses, a golf academy and a FIFA approved football pitch for Northern European professional football teams winter training, a Luxury hotel with Spa and an ever busy and very lively golf club with its own bars, restaurants and Pro Shop.

From a property point of view, this is a very interesting area. From the beginning, luxury properties was always a part of the success of La Cala Golf Resort.

Many people enjoy living slightly away from the madding crowd, in unique beautiful natural surroundings, but just under 10 minutes’ drive from the coast.

Luxury 1st line golf villas and ditto apartments, Penthouses and Townhouses are scattered around the three golf courses. Build in a very low density, the properties blend in gently with the surrounding natural beauty, never overwhelming.

New developments are under construction right now.

Highly modern townhouses and apartments with big window spaces allowing for lots of natural light and great views.

We are almost in daily contact with the developers, so please ask us for up-to date information about what is still available and the latest prices, we are more than to inform you.

Next stop is Sitio de Calahonda, or simply Calahonda, as the locals call it.

Costa Del Sol

Calahonda does not date back to the Roman or Moorish era, as many other towns on the coast.

In fact, 30 years ago, all you would find here would be olive and orange groves, and the odd goat herd, trekking along with his herd of goats to his little Finca (Country House) on the hillside.


Well, the goat herd is now enjoying his retirement, after having sold the Finca to property developers, who have made the nearly 6,000 homes, occupying the steep hills of Calahonda.

All the way on top of the hill you will find mostly apartments, half way down the hill you will see a lot of townhouses, and at the bottom of the hill, close to the beach, villas are built with walking distance to the several shopping centres and the beach.


In Calahonda you will find English supermarkets, hairdressers, vets, dentists, lawyers, pubs and restaurants, Sky TV installers, plumbers and builders, news agents and your neighbour is likely to be English, this is an easy place to be a foreigner, and for many first time expats, this is Paradise.

The sunshine, the food, the beaches, the Spanish lifestyle, and all done without linguistic problems in the comfort of speaking English.

What is there not to like!


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You can write a book about Fuengirola, one of the biggest cities and urban areas on the Costa del Sol, so this can only be some general information, but the official tourist websites offer a wealth of useful information.

With 75,000 inhabitants, it offers thousands of shops, restaurants, and bars, but most importantly, the longest stretch of sea front and beach, with all its bars and restaurants on the Costa del Sol.

Fuengirola offers as much sun, beaches, sea front promenade, marinas, shopping centres, water parks, Tapas Bars, quaint little squares and alleys as its more famous sister town of Marbella further down the coast, but at half the price.

Go to a typical Spanish bar in Fuengirola and enjoy a Café con Leche with a (good) Brandy, and the bill will put a smile on your face, as it will typically be around 3€, no, not each, in total. Same thing for lunch on the beach front.

Have the local speciality “Espeto de Sardina”. Espeto de Sardina

A skewer with fresh sardines, caught pretty much where you sit the same morning, basted with olive oil and lemon juice, prepared over a live fire of old olive wood on the beach, and wash it down with an ice cold glass of the local favourite beer “Victoria”, and you will get plenty of change on a ten € note.

There is so much to do in Fuengirola, that people come back year after year, and still find new things to do and new places to see.

And Fuengirola is linked to the Airport by the local commuter trains, which are new, clean, fast and surprisingly cheap, a few Euros will get you to Fuengirola from the airport 25 km away.

Where the beach front with its many 1st line beach hotels, attracts many foreign visitors, Fuengirola as such, is very Spanish, with many very lively Spanish areas with its own charm and atmosphere.

The Spanish are always very friendly to foreigners, and even though your Spanish may have a lot to be desired, and the Spanish only know a few words in English, they will always treat you like a local and try to speak with you.

So try to venture into the heart of Fuengirola, away from the tourist hot spots, go into a Spanish bar with no other foreigners, and prepare yourself for a great time, you may even pick up a Spanish phrase or two.

And remember, the Costa del Sol is a very safe place to be. You can go anywhere you want, day and night, without worrying about “Is it Safe?”

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Marbella is the little fishing village with a population of 900, which was discovered by the European Jet-Set in the late 1950’.

To be more precise, German Prince Maximilian de Hohenlohe-Langenburg and his son, Alfonso, found Marbella when they were scouting for a Winter destination for the international Play Boys, the British Upper Classes and European Aristocracy, who needed a playground in Continental Europe where they could continue their carefree easy going life style enjoyed the whole summer in Nice, Cannes and Saint Tropez on the French Riviera.


Come October, the weather on the French Riviera turns cold and rainy, so no more beach parties here, but where to go?

With 320 sunny days a year, and winter temperatures averaging 20 degrees, Alfonso liked the place, so he bought some land, built a house, and sold land to his Rothschild friends. His own residence, Finca Santa Margarita, became so popular with his visitors that he turned it into the Marbella Club in 1954, the Costa del Sol’s first luxury hotel.

Ava Gardner, Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly, John Wayne, Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant and Laurence Olivier used to stay here with the other play boys and members of the European aristocracy.

And, voila, the Costa del Sol as a holiday destination was born.

Marbella is today a lively Spanish town with apx 100,000 people calling it home, but the population triples between June to September.

Through the stretch of coastal road known as The Golden Mile, Marbella is closely connected to the Luxury Marina “Puerto Banús”.

But let’s stay with Marbella town for now. The two most interesting areas are the Old Town and the Paseo Marítimo, the Seafront Promenade.

In the Old Town, you will find the atmosphere of a 17th Century Spanish village, with narrow streets, beautiful squares and impressive architecture such as the Town Hall in the Centre of town on The Orange Square.

The Old Town is full of Tapas Bars, traditional Spanish restaurants and an array of small shops and boutiques offering stylish shoes and clothing, and pretty much everything you can imagine for sale. A very relaxed atmosphere, and a very pleasant place to be, both by day and by night.

Walk across the main street, Avenida de Ricardo Soriano, pass through the green Oasis that is the Parque de Alameda, with sub-tropical flowers and trees, marble flooring and cooling water features, and you will reach the Seafront Promenade.

Likened to the world famous Venice Beach in Los Angeles, you have a promenade with the Med on the one side, and numerous bars, shops, Ice Cream Bars, Tapas Bars and restaurants on the other side.

Skaters, grannies with prams, young couples in love, children playing, businessmen in sharp suits and tourists galore, they all meet on the Paseo, day and night, to enjoy the sun, the beach, the food and drink on offer, and to be part of something truly vibrant and energetic, what a place to be!

The Golden Mile

As mentioned earlier, this is the birthplace of the Costa del Sol, as a tourist destination, with the inauguration of the world famous Marbella Club Hotel back in the 1950´. This stretch of road received its name as it is connecting Marbella Town to the Puerto Banús Marina. It is quite a long mile though, probably more like five miles.

Marbella Beach Golden Mile

On the Golden Mile, time is standing still, not much has happened since the early days, and this is good. There is a sense of Old World charm and “High Society”. Within a very small space you have the iconic Luxury Hotels Marbella Club and the Puente Romano, where one of Spain’s most famous young Michelin Star Chef´s, Danny García run the exclusive Bibo restaurant.

Several other 5 star luxury hotels can be found here, but the Palace of the Saudi Royal family is by far the most outrages building. Built in the finest marble and gold as an exact replica of the White House in Washington, it is the summer holiday residence of the Saudi Royalty. With a permanent staff of 400 every wish of the holiday makers can be fulfilled, and no guest will have to wait long for Room Service.

Behind the Palace you will find one of the areas for the “Uber Rich”, the Sierra Blanca. This location enjoys an elevated position on the slopes of the mountains behind Marbella, so practically all the luxury villas has breathtaking views along the coast down to Gibraltar and further across to Africa and Morocco.

In this privileged location, the most outrageously expensive and exclusive property development ever in Marbella will be built soon. Watch out for “The World Marbella”.

Puerto Banús

This is the epicentre of Glitz and Glam.

Private Yachts the size of a ferry, with a chauffeured Rolls Royce, or a Ferrari waiting on land available 24 hours a day, if the tycoon or Arab Prince fancies a drive up the coast, more luxury cars than you will see at a car show, all the designer label boutiques, expensive restaurants and champagne bars, welcome to Puerto Banús.


In the day time people are busy shopping, enjoying a stroll, watching the boats go in and out, or taking a Selfie next to a Bentley.

At night, the scene changes, and become one of the biggest Party Places anywhere in the world.

The bars and restaurants are endless, and the atmosphere is for people who want to party hearty.

But where the average age of the party goers in Ibiza is 25, it is probably closer to 35 in Puerto Banús, so a more mature crowd.

Puerto Banús however, is also the beaches on both sides of the Marina. These are truly beautiful beaches with a Boardwalk that makes it easy to walk, bike or skate along the various areas with its very up-market hotels, beach bars and restaurants. This is where “the other half” lives and fully enjoys life on the Costa del Sol.

Nueva Andalucía

Just across the beach road from Puerto Banús, you will find Nueva Andalucía, and you are now in the suburbs of Marbella.


This is a very affluent area, and it is home to some very expensive properties, be it magnificent villas, or modern spacious apartments.

Nueva Andalucía is home to some of the most famous golf courses on the entire coast, and Nueva Andalucía is often referred to as “Golf Valley”. Los Naranjos, La Quinta, Las Brisas, Aloha, and La Dama de Noche Golf Clubs are highly estimated by golfers, but the luxurious Club House bars and restaurants are open to the general public, so come and enjoy lunch or dinner overlooking the vast manicured golf courses, it is a real pleasure.

The area has its own shopping area, Centro Plaza, with easy underground parking and lots of great shops, a supermarket, hairdressers and nail salons, and bars and restaurants. One of Marbella’s trendiest Bar & Restaurants can also be found in Nueva Andalucía, the “La Sala”, and if you like Bargain Hunting, don´t miss the weekly Street Market on Saturdays.

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